Professional provider for wind blade research, design, development, manufacture, and services 
        --- Chinese wind blade development and manufacturing industry leader
        --- Global provider for integrated wind power blades solutions and services 

     Headquartered in Beijing, and founded in June 2007, with the registered capital of 440 million RMB, Sinoma  Wind Power Blade Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Sinoma blade") is a professional wind power blade manufacturer and service provider capable of blade design research and development. With its parent company Sinoma Science & Technology Co., Ltd. as the main sponsor, an A-share listed company (stock code: 002080) under direct leadership of the State Council and SASAC, Sinoma Blade takes pride in serving as a driver for renewable energy industry in China.

     Sinoma  Wind Power Blade bases have been established in Yanqing of Beijing, Jiuquan of Gansu, Funing of Jiangsu, Baicheng of Jiin Province, Xilin of Inner Mongolia, Pingxiang of Jiangxi Province, and Handan of Hebei Province, with annual total production capacity reaching 4000 sets (or equivalent to 8350 MW). As a front-runner in domestic wind blade industry in terms of standardization level and scale of economies as well as one of the top three wind blade manufacturers globally, we’ve proudly and successfully created “Sinoma Blade” brand, both at home and abroad.

    Sinoma Blade is committed to making itself a world-class competitive wind power blade designer and manufacturer and service provider, respected by its customers and trusted by its employees as well as shareholders.

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Sale Achievements
  • The domestic market shareNo.1 for seven consecutive years,Business keeps growing for ten years in a row in the domestic market.
  • Cumulative installationsCumulative installed capacity over 32.68 million kilowatts
  • Global installedBy the end of 2017, 18000 wind turbines using our blades have been installed worldwide, covering 14 countries including China, USA and Germany.
Industrial bases
Contact Us
  • Sinoma Wind Power Blade Co., LTD.

    Address: loor, Aolin Jiatai Building, No.1 Kehui Front St., Chaoyang District, Beijing.
  • inoma Wind Power Blade (Beijing) Co., LTD.

    Address: No. 1 East Ring Road, Badaling Economic Development Zone, Yanqing, Beijing
  • Sinoma Wind Power Blade (Jiuquan) Co., LTD

    Address: No. 1 Dongqi Road, Suchou District Industrial Park (west), Jiuquan, Gansu Province
  • Sinoma Wind Power Blade (Funing) Co., LTD

    Address: Xiexin Road, Funing Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province
  • Sinoma Wind Power Blade (Baicheng) Co., LTD

    Address: No.3888 Zhuhai St, Baicheng Industrial Park, Jilin Province
  • Sinoma Wind Power Blade (Xilin) Co., LTD

    Address: Wind power factory zone, east Xilin Road, Xinli, Inner Mongolia
  • Sinoma Wind Power Blade (Pingxiang) Co., LTD

    Address: Luxi Industrial Park of Luxi County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province
  • Sinoma Wind Power Blade (Handan) Co., LTD

    Address: Matou Economic Development Zone, Jinan New District, Handan City, Hebei Province
Concept of Talents
  Sinoma Wind Power Blade is being established to create a low-carbon and green world. In the spirit of “Diligent in learning, brave in innovation, focus on execution, and ready to make contribution”, the first generation of Sinoma Blade completed the historic process from  starting from scratch, to making itself stronger, and to becoming bellwether of the wind blade industry in China within short period of time during the “12th Five-year Plan”. During the 13th Five-year Plan period, Sinoma Blade is to focus on pushing forward its globalization strategy by making itself a heavy-weight player both in China and abroad. 
  Since its incipience, Sinoma Blade has long been making the talents strategy its top priority, which is “to attract talents, cultivate talents, develop talents, and make talents succeed” by establishing a complete channel for employee career development to afford them opportunities for promotion, horizontally and vertically, by ways of technical, management and operation ladder. By now, four echelons of talent teams have been formed, including a top-management team consisting mainly of “post-70’s”who are outstanding in both management and technical competence; a mid-level management team consisting mainly of “post-80’s”who have rich hand-on experience and greater knowledge; a R&D team with great technical capability and huge growth potentials; a front-line operation team with vast experience in the industry and great ability in manufacturing operation.  
  Adhering to the principle of “People first”, Sinoma Blade has integrated the premium training resources to provide five-dimensional ability improvement training: customized on-job online training for employees; on-job SMBA diploma training for management-oriented employees; exchanges with academics and university experts for technology-oriented employees; skill and job standard training for operation-oriented employees; all these trainings are to ensure the down-to-earth implementation of our talents strategy:“to attract talents, cultivate talents, develop talents, and make talents succeed””    
  Make our world clean by the power of wind – Sinoma Blade is committed to making itself world-class first-rate wind power equipment manufacturer and service provider. People at Sinoma Blade are going all out to make this ideal and ambition come true. This is our ambition, and also yours. Sinoma Blade will continue to attract talents like you who share our ambition and vision. Come and join us for our shared goal.